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Having grown up in both China and the UK, the big picture is where I reside.

With over 15 years experience sat in front of the computer (not consecutively of course) cutting everything from brand campaigns to feature docs, I've honed my ability to create striking images through editing and rhythmic edits that are aided by resonating sound design choices (that’s what a few years as lead guitarist for a high school rock band will get you).

I love to chat big ideas, small ideas, and everything in between, developing an appetite for working with artists and brands that have something to say and want to make work that matters. Who says you can’t do both? After spending years trying to understand the full post process (still learning), my work has landed me at TIFF, DOC NYC, 1.4, Raindance, and Cannes Lions to name a few.

And, if you play your cards right, I might even share with you some videos of me shredding on stage with me high school rock band to Linkin Park’s ‘Numb’...just maybe.




Sound Design





Creative Director and Senior Editor

Cereal Post

Vancouver, CA


Lead Editor and Contributing Director


Vancouver, CA


Lead Editor and Researcher

Docsville/Mville Studios

London, UK

Summer, 2022

Creator within Development Team

Mcgillivray Entertainment

Ontario, CA


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